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1) Use of the website- FlyUSTravels is a travel website that provides a tremendous amount of data regarding flights, low season travel months, holiday destinations, hotel bookings, car rental centres, and business lounges at the airports. We expect all the users of the website to abide by the rules and regulations of the use of this website. In case, you do not agree to our rules and regulations, you should discontinue using our website’s data.

Read below to know more about the use of this website-

  • We offer travel related services through our website. All the information about flights, discount deals, hotel booking offers, lounge stays, etc. is provided according to the third party suppliers. So, this information can change with time.
  • All our services abide by the corresponding national and international travel laws.

2) Terminologies- We mainly talk about three subjects on our website. The company i.e. FlyUSTravels, the client i.e. you and the third party suppliers. The terminologies used for these subjects are-

  • FlyUSTravels- ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, etc.
  • Clients- ‘you’, ‘your’, etc.
  • Third party suppliers- ‘they’, ‘their’, ‘them’, etc.

We hope you understand our terminologies and rules and regulations properly. In case of any query, you can contact our agents at all times of your convenience.

3) Conditions for the user- We assume that all the users of our website, booking deals and products abide by our rules. And for that, firstly you should fulfill the below-listed conditions for using our website-

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • The user must abide by the rules and regulations of the website for making a potential use of its services.
  • You should possess the legal rights for taking legal decisions for yourself.
  • The person making the flight bookings for himself or for others should have the legal rights for doing so, both for himself as well as for others.
  • You should provide completely accurate, true and genuine information to the website.

4) General conditions - We have some general conditions for providing you with our travel services. Make sure that you agree to the following conditions before availing our services-

  • When you choose us for booking flights or for making reservations, you give us the right to make payments and ask for services under your name. We will charge you with our processing fees and the payments made to the third parties altogether. The net payable amount will be displayed to you before you confirm the bookings.
  • We expect you to provide completely true, accurate and genuine information while using our services. In case, we find any inaccuracy or faulty information from your side, we have full rights to ask for additional verification.
  • In case, you make your payments with any third person's credit or debit cards, we shall ask for additional verification.
  • The airline companies can make changes in the flight schedules at any time they want. We are not responsible for such changes. But we will try to resolve the matter and provide you with the most suitable solutions within the minimum possible time.

5) Protection of the website content - All the information provided on our website belongs to us and our licensors only. The website content and all our features are protected by copyright, trademark, and corresponding intellectual property laws.

In case, we find anyone trying to copy our content or reproduce it in any manner, we have full rights for taking legal actions. The persons at fault would be prosecuted according to the  relevant national and international laws.

6) Luggage allowance-  You might have numerous questions regarding the baggage allowance during your travel. Read below to get the answers to your questions-

  • The allowed count and size of the baggage is mentioned on your e-ticket as well as on the order confirmation document.
  • Remember to ask directly from the airline company regarding the count, size and weight of the baggage items allowed.
  • Many airlines or carriers offer very low fares but have not included luggage in their net amounts. So, remember to check that whether your order confirmation document includes luggage in the fare or not. If the luggage is not included, you would have to add it and pay extra charges for that.
  • In case, your carried luggage exceeds the count, size or weight allowed by the airline, then you would have to pay extra charges for the exceeded items.

7) Third party rules and regulations-

  • We have tie-ups with many third party suppliers like hotels, car rental centers, lounges, etc. If you wish to use any of the services provided by these third party suppliers through us, you would have to abide by the rules and regulations of our website as well as of those suppliers. The basic conditions that we have for such services are-
  • •If you wish to avail the third party deals mentioned on our website, you would have to pay for the additional processing fees also. The net charges would consist of the deal price and the website charges. In case, you fail to make the total payment during the allowed time duration, the company possesses full rights to cancel your bookings.
  • •The hotel staff or the third party dealers may ask you to represent credit card or cash at the time of check-in to charge you for the additional expenses of your travel, if any.
  • •In case you violate any of the rules and regulations imposed by the third party suppliers, they may cancel your booking anytime. They can even deny for the refund of your payment.

8) Travel requirements - To use our website’s services and to travel through us, you would need to fulfill the following travel requirements-

  • You should have a valid passport.
  • The traveler should fulfill the visa requirements according to the Embassy.

We make you travel to various countries comfortably. But we do not hold any responsibility regarding your security in those countries. We are not responsible for any losses or damages happened during your travel to those countries.

9) Email confirmation for the tickets 

  • We ask for a genuine email address before making the flight bookings. Once your order is confirmed, you would receive an order confirmation document on that email address. The order confirmation document is not your e-ticket, but it would contain necessary information like Traveler’s details, different charges, and travel details.
  • Once your order is confirmed and booking is done, we will send one more email containing the e-ticket.
  • The ticket cancellations are not flexible with every airline company. Some airlines offer 100% refunds on ticket cancellations within 24 hours of ticket issuance. However, others have strict rules and cancellation charges as well.
  • Some airlines have strict rules for modifying name or other details on the tickets also. They charge additional fees for such changes. The traveler's name modification is assumed to be a ticket cancellation and some airlines charge equally for both the services.

10) Processing fees for various requests - There are certain modifications and cancellation requests for which the airline companies have decided additional charges. Moreover, in case of cancellations and modifications, you would need to pay extra processing fees to our company as well. These modifications may include-

  • Ticket cancellation request within 24 hours of booking.
  • Cancellation request after 24 hours of booking but before the planned departure.
  • Modifications in existing tickets before the planned departure.
  • Rebooking the tickets to the new travel dates and time.

There are different rules and regulations for ticket cancellations, modifications and rebooking of the tickets from different airlines. The company also imposes processing charges for such requests. So, any cancellation, rebooking or modification would cost you differently from the company, the third party supplier and the airlines.

11) Refunds - Ticket cancellations and refund requests have the below-listed conditions-

  • You should request for a ticket cancellation or refund at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. After that time, or in case of a no-show, you won’t be able to claim for a refund.
  • You should ask for a cancellation or a refund only within the time duration allowed by your ticket. If you purchased a discounted ticket, then 100% refund claim won’t be possible.
  • Your fares or ticket prices can be refunded depending upon the airline rules. But the processing fees of the company or our service charges are non-refundable.
  • If the airline companies fail to operate the scheduled flights on time, then you would be given other travel alternatives to choose from. We will notify you about the changes and alternative travel options as soon as we get to know about them.
  • The refunding process may take a few days. You will get your refund in the original payment method only. Usually, it takes about 20 business days for a normal refunding process.

12) Payment methods - We expect you to give the accurate information while making payments for your bookings. The important conditions regarding payments are-

  • We ask for the accurate credit card or debit card details for making the booking payments on your behalf. While providing us all the card details, you agree to provide only the accurate information and give us the rights to make payments under your name.
  • The payments may consist of the booking charges and the processing fees of the company. You need to go through the total payable fees while confirming the order.
  • If we face any issues while making your payments, we will send you notifications. But we won’t be responsible for any price increase during the course of your payment failure. You will have to agree to the price increases while confirming your bookings.
  • We won’t issue the final e-ticket before you complete your final payment procedure.

13) Conflicts with FlyUSTravels - In case of any conflict between the client i.e. ‘you’ and the company i.e. ‘us', we will try to resolve the matter as soon as we can. But if you violate our website’s rules and regulations, there will be laws stating the consequences. Read below to know about the resolution of conflicts with us-

  • While using our website, you already agree to abide by the rules and regulations of our website. So, in case of any rule violation, you put yourself at fault and are responsible for the conflict.
  • We expect you to thoroughly study the rules and regulations of the website. We won’t be responsible for the fact that you didn’t study the rules and regulations properly.

14) Independence of third party suppliers- Our website contains a tremendous amount of information from many third party suppliers like hotels, resorts, car rental centres, business lounges, airlines, etc. We are not responsible for any updates or changes made in the prices, available services, discount offers or any other product offered by those third party suppliers. They hold the independence of changing their offers and prices from time to time. Their independence also states that-

  • We are not responsible for any losses, damages or unauthorized changes in their services. You cannot claim any compensation or losses from us. You can inform us and we will try our level best to resolve your problems with them.
  • We are just an intermediate between the clients and the third party service providers. We don’t guarantee refunds and are not responsible in case of any cancellations, delays, bankruptcy, weather restraints, etc. 
  • While using our website, you agree to all the rules and regulations of the website. You also agree not to bring any legal actions against our company or our licensors.

15) Unavoidable casualty - Any incident which is not under our direct control comes under unavoidable casualty or force majeure. We won’t be responsible for any losses or damages happening because of such incidents. These incidents may include losses, delays or mis-happenings from the acts of God.

Other acts that can cause damages or losses to the clients but are not under our control are-

  • •Industrial actions including strikes or lock-outs.
  • •Riots, terrorist attacks, threats of any attacks, cyber crimes, war, etc. also come under unavoidable casualties.
  • •Any natural disaster like fire, storm, flood, earthquake, etc. doesn’t bind us to pay for the losses or damages.

In such situations, we will try our level best in understanding your needs and finding out the best possible solutions. 

16) Compensation - While using our website, you agree to all our rules and regulations and by that, you agree to protect our company against all types of requests, declarations, causes of actions, etc. You agree to protect our managers, associates, licensors, service providers, etc. from all types of legal allegations or causes of actions.

17) Miscellaneous rules and regulations- You need to abide by the following airline rules also- 

  • You need to follow all the rules and regulations of the airline with which you are traveling.
  •  If you are traveling with more than one airline then you have to abide by the rules and regulations of all those airlines.
  • You need to agree with all the charges applied by different airlines for their services.

18) Prohibited activities - There are certain dangerous items that are prohibited to carry with you during your travel. These prohibited items include-

  • Compressed gases
  • Corrosive materials
  • Explosives
  • Flammable substances
  • Poisonous materials
  • Radioactive materials
  • Oxidizing materials
  • Suitcases with installed alarm devices
  • Sharp objects like knives and nail cutters, etc.

19) Travel insurance - There are many travel insurance companies that provide different insurance schemes. You can choose the most trustworthy one for your travel.

20) Our discount deals- We provide many seasonal discount offers on flight and hotel bookings. We have discount vouchers for our travelers. Read below to know the rules for using these discount coupons or vouchers-

  • Every voucher has a specific expiry date. You need to use the voucher before that date only. After the expiry, the voucher won’t be valid for the mentioned discount.
  • One voucher can be used only for one ticket. Only one passenger can use the voucher for getting the discount on his ticket.
  • One voucher can be used only once. Reproducing the voucher with a different date or changing it in any form is strictly prohibited.
  • Most of our discount vouchers are transferable. You can transfer your valid discount voucher to other person’s travel ID also.
  • In case you lose your voucher or it gets stolen, we won’t issue a new one.

21) Special service plans - Your bookings come with some special service plans. The ticket cancellations within 24 hours of ticket issuance has the following conditions-

  • The booking change requests include the changes in date, route, name modification, seat changes, etc.
  • Our special service plans don’t guarantee any reductions in the travel expenses from the third party suppliers.
  • We will charge additional processing fees for ticket cancellation requests.
  • In case of ticket cancellations, you can claim refunds. But our processing fees won’t come under any refund claim.

22) Ticket cancellation policies- For any modifications or ticket cancellation requests, we have imposed the following conditions-

  • The ticket cancellation requests must be made within 24 hours of ticket issuance. You should make a phone call to our customer care executives for this request. 
  • If you fail to report the request within 24 hours or within the given time duration, the airline fares won’t be refunded. 
  • Once the trip has started, no cancellation request would be entertained, even if you are traveling with multiple airlines.

23) Travel protection plan- We provide a special Travel Protection plan or TP plan. This TP plan is not an insurance policy. It provides proper assistance to the holder in case of refunds and reservation. It provides-

  • 100% refund for flight cancellations due to acts of God.
  • 100% refunds for unused tickets due to hospitalization.
  • 50% refunds for unused tickets due to sickness.

24) Price drop protection- The Price drop protection is a special service that can save your money. Once you book flights with us, if you find lower prices within 24 hours of booking- You can ask us to rebook the itinerary and issue a new ticket to you. 50% of the savings will be shared with you in such cases of price drop.

These price drop services are not available for all airlines and for all itineraries.

In case, there are no price drop within 24 hours of booking, then the already booked ticket will be the final one. 

The charges paid for price drop protection service are non-refundable and are considered to be consumed once the 24 hours window gets finished.

25) Adjustable ticket plan- The adjustable ticket plan gives you the freedom of making changes in tickets without paying for the airline processing fees. You just need to inform about the desired changes at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure. 

Once the 24 hour window before your scheduled departure has passed, the plan is considered to be used and the money won’t be refunded.

26) Automatic hassle-free check-in  The Automatic check-in service frees you from the hassles at the airport. You won’t have to wait for hours long in the airport lines to clear the check-in and get the boarding passes.

If you have selected the Automatic check-in service, we will automatically check- you in and send the boarding passes to your registered email address one day before your flights. 

After receiving your boarding passes, you need to get their print outs. Remember to take them along at the airport. Once you arrive at the airport, you can directly go to the baggage handling area and then to the boarding control.

In case, your chosen airline company doesn’t allow for the automatic check-in, we will notify you through email and refund the money charged for this service. You would need to check-in personally at the airport in such cases.


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